Jan Henrik Rau
German composer and guitarist Jan Henrik Rau is currently living and working in Dublin, Ireland. As a composer and performer he is active in the fields of theatre as well as music.
In the field of music his original compositions can be heard with quintet Parallel Society, Jan Henrik Rau Trio, Brains! as well as Eventduo.
On an artistic level Jan is always looking to creating sounds that move away from the standard way of playing a guitar and show his ability to tell stories through music. With the use of effect pedals he is able to extend the expressions available on his intrument. The desire to use this extended expression and Jan's passion for composing any kind of music led to collaborations in the field of theatre shortly after he graduated with a BA in jazz performance in Ireland 2017. Currently he is responisble for composition and sound design for theatre plays like No God Before Me and “I”. In the latter one he is also a devising partner as well as a live music performer.
He is a vital part of Dublin's improvised music scene and can be heard with different ensembles across the genres.